So I’ve made the decision to try to stop using snapchat filters on my photos as much as I have been recently. If anything, these filters are a comfort blanket in today’s society and they’re giving us a false sense of security. They distort your appearance so much so that even if you had greasy hair and bad skin, you’ll be looking 1million dollars. Snapchat plays to the fantasy of what you could look like and in most cases, I prefer it. I think if you feel heavily dependant on using the filters then I think you need to take a little break from using them as it could be quite damaging to your confidence. Sometimes, I prefer my filter self than the real me and that is ridiculous to admit that, how the hell do I rate myself more as a dog than I do a real life human, it’s mad. Snapchat can leave you comparing your filter self to your real life self, ‘This would be a good pic if my nose was smaller, if my teeth were whiter, if my eyes were bigger’ etc. And I cba to deal with that kind of pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still use the app, but as for trying to take a photo for the gram, absolutely not.


We hide behind these filters and it’s so sad that some of us are starting to prefer ourselves this way and I’m definitely certain it has an effect on our self-esteem. 10000%. Children nowadays can’t even upload a photo unless they have a snapchat filter on and that makes me INCREDIBLY sad. It really does. My best friend always moans about me using the cat filter when I do my Instagram stories and he’ll say, you’ll regret that one day, but sometimes, putting yourself so much out there into the world, you rely on a comfort blanket such as a cat filter to somewhat protect you a little. It’s so mad that I’m even writing a piece on filters but I do think it needs to be addressed.




It’s not to say that I won’t ever use filters again, because guilty AF, I will, but I’m glad I’ve thought more about the way in which I’ve been using the app and to maybe not rely on using it as much as I have been. I was getting into a little habit of uploading them onto my actual instagram feed and then when I looked over it I thought, I actually look really insecure. I have no unfiltered selfies on here and that’s not showing a good example of body confidence to my followers. And although I don’t have to portray any type of messages to my followers, I do sometimes feel a bit responsible for what I’m promoting. I am trying to put the message out there that we are all flawed in someway and there is no such thing as perfection, there really isn’t so I need to sometimes practice what I preach and to promote body confidence in whichever way I can. Although it might be a little bit of fun for me, to others it could be much more serious than that.


You are either as beautiful or as ugly as you believe you are. You define your beauty. That’s not a power anyone can have over you’ (not even an app).

Thanks for reading, LOVE, DT XO.


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