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So this week I was kindly sent a PR package from the babes at! Now if you’re thinking hmm.. isn’t that the online sex retailer? then you’d be correct! So if you’re interested to see what I was sent..continue reading..

The first product I was sent was a classic vibrator with the slogan that reads ‘Vibes before guys’. I absolutely love the wit and humour Lovehoney use with their product descriptions as sex should be all about having fun and they definitely give off this vibe….(sorry I had to..haha!).

Mates before dates. Sistas before mistas. You get the idea. With Vibes Before Guys, we’re not saying ditch the dudes, but a back-up plan’s always a good idea, especially when it’s a playful Positive Vibe. Eat. Sleep. Vibe. Repeat.

Now if you’ve never used a vibrator before and you’re wondering what the hell it does, it’s basically a one way ticket to an orgasm, (so I’ve heard)….You can use it solo if you’re having ongoing drama with fuckboys or you can use it to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner. Either way, they add something different to your sex life and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about owning!

Vibrators can be used either by inserting it inside you (it has a tapered tip and is super smooth making it easier to slide in) or you can use the vibration on your clitoris. The base of the toy is where the controls are so if you want different speeds then you can have a play around with this part..

I feel like these vibrators are more for gift purposes as personally I would sway to a more smaller, more plain design if I was purchasing myself. I think this is the sort of thing I’d buy my friend if she just broke up with her boyfriend because of the ‘vibes before guys’ slogan. Meaning just because she’s broken up with her boyfriend doesn’t mean she’s missing out on all the fun!

Where can I buy one of these? 


Is it noisy?

To be honest, lots of vibrators can be very very noisy (so I’ve heard) which is annoying if you want to use it on the sly! Luckily this one has a quiet vibration setting for when you have to be as discreet as poss..just make sure you remember to leave the sleeve around the battery compartment inside the toy for extra quietness!

Ok so the technical part.. 

Insertable length – 6.5inches

Girth – 4.2inches

Waterproof –  its splashproof which basically means don’t submerge it in the bath tub!

Batteries – 2 batteries (meaning its reusable yay)

Batteries included? – No!

Vibration speeds – Multiple!

My overall thoughts

Now, I was never sure how actual big 6.5inches is, there must be a lot of guys lying out there because I was not expecting it to be this massive omg! I also rate the packaging, the back of the product made me laugh…


So to conclude, if you’re a positive person and you love positive vibes…see where I’m going with this one haha..then treat yourself to your very own toy because there really is no better feeling than an orgasm (so I’ve heard), fact.

Thanks so much to @lovehoneyofficial for my gift!



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