Hey Guys!

So after doing a poll on my Twitter it seems you’re all quite interested in reading beauty reviews so I’m going to try my best to give y’all what you’re asking for! So here it is.. my skin care regime..

I am no skin Doctor, skin professional or skin specialist, I use these products because they seem to work for my skin and I have used various brands in the past and at the moment these are what’s working for my skin!


I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a billion things you should probably do in life to help yourself but unless it seems easy and manageable then let’s get it right, we’re gonna skip a few steps for that extra 5 mins in bed aren’t we? So to make life a tad easier, I chose a gel cleansing facial wash meaning I could use it in the shower to cut the time down. You should never use boiling hot water on your face so I use it first thing whilst the temp is just warming up!


Now this is step two for a second cleanse as sometimes you don’t get it all off in the one cleanse so this is a water which I use on a cotton pad. I sweep it all over my face even on the eye area, don’t worry it’s perfectly suitable for removing eye makeup!! This water is amazing because it’s completely fragrance free and it soothes and hydrates your skin leaving it feeling fresh AF!


Now I am currently using the pink pack which are for normal skin types but whenever they have the Lilac pack which is for every skin type (tbf these are actually my fave but they’re always sold out everywhere) then I’ll favour these for my night-time routine as they are enriched with Moonflower which smells absolutely unreal and leaves your skin feeling so silky and hydrated before bedtime! (So pink for day, lilac for night).


Now I have been using Nip & Fab literally from the day they first launched and I am honestly just amazed by their products. I swear by these cleansing pads as they literally just change your face from a dull complexion to a bright, hydrated and dewy fresh one. I know I sound like I’m overselling them here but seriously, if you want a magic trick to gorgeous looking skin then these have been my saviour for years. Personally I’ve only tried both of the Glycolic Fix day & night pads, the Dragons blood fix pads and the Kale fix pads but I love them all for different reasons. There are lots to choose from so maybe see which ones you warm to the most, my favourite are probably the Glycolic day time pads if I had to choose though. Each pack have different instructions on how best to use them so make sure you read them!


Because I loved the way my skin feels after using the pads I thought if I’m ever going to be convinced with a moisturiser then the brand I’m most going to trust would be Nip&Fab because until I tried this moisturiser, I didn’t care for the thing at all. No lie. Beauticians would frown upon me admitting that I never once believed in moisturiser because I never found one that suited me and my skin so tbh I just thought it was a fad. Fad or no fad, I genuinely believe in this moisturiser. I read hundreds of reviews before trying it and I’ve not used another since. The smell, feel, consistency and overall experience of using the product has only been a positive one and I can’t get over how unreal it smells. It’s made from the superfood Kale which explains its name, genius huh haha!

Turn up the hydration with NIP+FAB’s Kale Fix Moisturiser, a revitalising daily skin fix. Combining a superfood powerhouse complex of Kale, Watercress and Almond Oil, the moisturiser not only enriches your skin with deep vitamin nourishment, but also protects your complexion against external aggressors that cause dryness. Concentrated doses of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter help to further soothe and improve the skin’s texture whilst providing long-lasting hydration. – Nip & Fab



I’ve only been using this recently as it was sent to me in a beauty box bundle by @latestinbeauty and to be honest, I normally wouldn’t give it much thought but I hear Olivia Buck rave about Simple products all the time so I thought yeah Imma trust my gal and see what the fuss is about. And she’s not wrong, I lurrrrrve it. I have been mixing it in with my moisturiser of a night-time and I just find it adds that extra bit of hydration to my skin especially as it’s bloody snowing atm, I could really do with an added bit of help so definitely give it ago (it’s only £3.49).

I thought I’d keep this post short and sweet but I’ll definitely be back with another skincare post soon so watch out for it! Thanks for reading you absolute cuties but for now if you’re interested in seeing what I get up to in my daily life, follow me on Instagram and watch my stories! DT XO

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