So have you heard about the new Craze in town called Dermaplaning? I’m not gonna lie when I first heard about it I was confused, what the hell is Dermaplaning? Well in this post I’m going to explain to you all exactly what it is and the benefits of having it done. I often see influencers and celebrities promote the treatment without actually telling us what it is so I booked in with @labeielle_esthetics to see what the fuss was all about.

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The definition of ‘Dermaplaning’ is..‘Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, hair known as peach fuzz!’

I was slightly skeptical about having this treatment done but I can assure you, the aftermath of the treatment was INSTANTLY noticeable. I had gone to my friends later that evening after my lovely session with Ashley and my friends were just gobsmacked at how my skin was just glowing. You saw instant benefits from having the treatment which to be honest, most things you get done you have to wait weeks to see an improvement and even then you can’t prove which thing benefitted to achieving the result.

The process.. 

So Ashley is freelance which means she comes to your house to do all of your beauty treatments which for me is a bonus because I hate having to leave the house, park up, be seen looking gross with no makeup and then waiting, I hate waiting and then it’s quite the opposite feeling relaxed which is what you’re meant to be experiencing in the first place. When Ashley comes to your home she sets out your room like it’s her own salon, even going as far as lighting scented candles to set the ambience. She brings her own bed too which makes the whole experience a professional one.

What happens in a Dermaplaning treatment..

Your skin is cleansed, sterilised and then a Scalpel (Dermaplaning) is used all over your face and neck to get rid of all the dead skin cells which gives you a deep exfoliation. This sounds like it hurts, it doesn’t. After that part is done your face will be cleansed again. Once cleansed you are left to relax for 15minutes with a hydrating vitamin mask containing over 15 different vitamins ready to benefit your skin! This part of the treatment was SO necessary for me because I’ve been drinking alcohol quite a lot these past few weeks and alcohol causes your face to look extremely dull and lifeless. With the mask packed with vitamins made sure that my skin was on its way back to full heath restoring the skin’s surface by removing all the dead skin off. Sounds gross but totally worth it. After that part is finished, your face is cleansed AGAIN! Yes I know, probs clean enough to eat your dinner off (although I would recommend not doing that)..and lastly tone, serum and moisturiser!

The whole treatment lasts around 1 hour and I would totally recommend it. My skin has never felt and looked so glowy and healthy and on following the advice she gave me for afterwards I have noticed a great difference in my skin. I was recommended I buy myself a gel cleansing wash, I opted for an in shower one so it suited my routine better and it would be something easier to stick to. She also recommended I use a toner and a serum and then a moisturiser, although after a few days if I’m honest I the serum step went straight out the window for me! Even just sticking to the face wash, the toner and the moisturiser part has definitely made a noticeable difference as I’m cleansing my face properly. I do this each morning and night but I do use a cheeky face wipe on weekends when I’ve got in late and drunk, but that’s okay, you’re allowed a wobble.

I’ll link below the products I’ve been using so you guys can see..

Cleansing water

Gel facial wash

Face wipes



Cleansing pads

Ashley offers a range of treatments such as Chemical peels, Plexr skin tightening, Led light skin Rejuvination and so much more!

For all products, bookings, treatments, stocklists etc! Then you’ll find everything you need to know here.. LABEILLE ESTHETICS

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