So this week I have literally been spoilt rotten by the team at @blankcanvascosmetics, they sent me a huge parcel full of products to try which I am so excited about showing you all!


Inside my generous package I received a christmas cracker which I vlogged on my instagram story (@XO_DT), inside were two makeup brushes which BY THE WAY, are totally vegan friendly which is something I make sure I look out for now. I’m not vegan but I definitely support the movement of switching to cruelty free brushes as synthetic ones are just as good in my opinion! And if I can avoid sacrificing an innocent animals life just to create a makeup look then I’ll definitely opt for that!

I also received a gorgeous selection box full of makeup brushes and eyeshadows, I mean chocolate is great and everything but a selection box full of makeup is my idea of heaven, I DIED! Inside the ‘Art of Perfection‘ box contained 6 makeup brushes & an eyeshadow & highlighter palette and also they popped in a Solid brush & sponge cleansing soap which I am SO excited about trying!



Okay so the brushes, I have tried and tested to create this makeup look and I can honestly say from me to you, they are LIFE! They are all the right sizes, they have gorgeous girly packaging, they are easy to hold & they pick up the product and distribute it evenly onto your blank canvas (face)! My favourite brush out of the 8 they sent me was the ‘E20 oval crease blender‘ because like it says on the tin, it’s perfect for blending out the creases of your shadows to get that seamless finish (I definitely recommend). I am probably going to end up buying a few more of this brush as honestly, it’s what my life has been missing. To be honest, I have no faults in regards to the brushes, they are something I’d use everyday and they were easy to use which gets my vote for sure.

  • Would you buy this yourself?

100%! I have lots of high street brushes and some range from £1 to £30 and these are affordable but give you maximum results and with a price point as little as £5-£15, I’d definitely repurchase!

IMG_5679 (1)


I absolutely adore the packaging of this product, its super girly and on the back all of the shades are shown with their names so you know exactly what’s inside. I’m going to be honest with you, I wasn’t blown away with the eyeshadow/highlight palette, for a price point of £30.59 I think it’s quite pricey for the results it gives and I wouldn’t say I was wowed!!! Don’t get me wrong, I did create a cute look with the palette but I wouldn’t say It’d be the first palette I’d reach for. The palette contains 6 shadows and three highlight shades which doesn’t give you a lot to play with so it’s quite limited with the looks you can create from it.

  • What’s the pigment like?

I would say in terms of pigment I would rate it a 4/10. I think this product would be great for a girl who enjoys a really natural look and maybe starting out with makeup.


  • Would you buy this yourself?

I wouldn’t buy this palette myself as the price point is unjustifiable to me. I would say in my opinion, the palette is aimed for ages 13-16 for the results it gives and I would pay up to around £8 for it myself.



The look I created was using shades, Lily, Ollie, Tobi, Dodo & K.D, so 5/6 shades provided. I started off with patting Lily all across my base, then built up the colour with shade Ollie, I then patted Tobi in the crease to build up warmth and then I applied the Dodo shade all across the lid making sure I blended it out with Toby to tie the look in together. I finished the look off by patting the shade K.D into the outer corners of my eyes to darken the look, this really intensified my eyes making them look super sultry! Lastly I used Toby & K.D mixed together to apply across my bottom lash line which brought the whole look together!

f (1).jpg


What a magical idea. I kind of do a similar thing when cleaning my makeup brushes currently, I put baby shampoo into my hand and rub the brushes into the palm of my hand and swirl them around until the water runs clear but gonna be honest with you, it’s a little time consuming, I have to reapply the shampoo every 5 seconds because once you’ve added water, the product disappears down the drain. I am so curious to see how this soap block works..


  • Moisten soap with water
  • Rub the bristles into the soap and lather up
  • Rinse out the brushes with warm water


Oh my god!!!!!! This is an absolute GAME CHANGER, LIFE CHANGER, HOLY GRAIL!! I am literally blown away. Makeup brush cleaning is such a chore and it takes AGES and it’s always that one thing you try to put off. But wow, THIS IS A MUST-HAVE PRODUCT FOR EVERYONE! I literally just sat there and washed all my makeup brushes on a Saturday night because I was just too blown away, I’m confused to why no one has come up with this idea sooner! I am SOLD.

So I would just like to thank @blackcanvascosmetics for kindly gifting me these products to try, they will be definitely used over the christmas period creating my perfect blank canvas into a work of art!




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