If you’d like to get the full experience of this post, please play ‘Blinded by your Grace’ by Stormzy. I have had this song on repeat whilst I write this post because this song is SO powerful and inspiring and it’s given me goosebumps each time, STORMZY FOR CHRISTMAS NUMBER 1!

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I never thought I’d see the day where a fashion brand completely TAKES OVER THE WORLD. And can you hazard a guess at which brand it is? Yes, you guessed it, MISSGUIDED!  What can I say? Missguided you have literally smashed the fashion industry out the park with the most powerful campaign I’ve ever seen and I can’t honestly say how fucking inspired and empowered you have made me feel. The message to just ‘BE YOU’ is the most simplistic bloody thing ever, but my god, the power in those two words are life-changing. I’m just so inspired by your brand at the moment that I just had to write it down into words how I felt about it. The message you are sending out to millions of not only females, but all races, genders & sizes, is honestly a reason for a celebration and you should be so proud of what you’re doing. You’re a perfect example of not following the crowd, you’ve assessed your competitors, you’ve understood your market and you’ve taken a risk and by god has it paid off. You’ve executed this message so fucking perfectly and that’s why it makes me super proud to be a #babeofmissguided.

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Missguided have made a decision to stop retouching their models and to use all sizes, races and genders for their campaigns and how fucking inspiring is that?! This decision isn’t over complicated. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. The message doesn’t force you to analyse, compare and scrutinise yourself. It doesn’t make you want to close the app in the feeling that you’re not and will never be good enough. It doesn’t make you feel shit about yourself. It doesn’t make you feel the need to change yourself.  What this powerful message is sending out to millions is, you are perfect just the way you are. That you’re beautiful, just the way you are. That you’re worthy, just the way you are. Confidence is infectious and the more we see messages like this sent out to millions of people the more we have a chance of saving our generation from this unattainable version of ‘perfect’ we see portrayed day in day out.

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I see it’s the norm for reality stars, influencers and bloggers to use their following in such a negative light, promoting horrific industries such as wearing real fur and so it’s a breath of fresh air to see a brand using their power of influence in such a positive way. Missguided are sending such a strong and very much-needed message to everyone out there and that’s to just be yourself. I think Missguided recognised the fact we are a generation growing in insecurities and self-hate and they are allowing us to just be unapologetically ourselves. We needed an intervention and this was it. Their campaign has encouraged us to CELEBRATE our differences, to CELEBRATE our uniqueness, to CELEBRATE just being ourselves and how magical is that? I’m so glad to be a part of this movement. They’ve shown us that we’re all imperfectly perfect and instead of following the crowd, we should embrace our imperfections and amen to that!

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How many of you have sat there for hours and hours on end scrolling through hours of feed full of perfect lives, perfect faces, perfect images and then felt incredibly shit about yourselves afterwards? I can admit that I’ve compared myself to hundreds of these Instagram girls before, and questioned myself, why aren’t I pretty like her? Why can’t I look like her? And the phrase that gets me every time is, no one is you, and that is your power.

We’re always being preached to love ourselves, but how can we when there’s only one version of ‘perfect’ flooding our feeds day in day out. We’re so used to seeing this flawless version of people that we can’t help falling into a state of comparison. It’s like we see these images everyday and just accept what we’re being shown to be real but that’s extremely unhealthy because it’s fuelling our addiction to be perfect when it simply cannot be attained to the standard that we are seeing. This is why I absolutely bow down to Missguided for taking the pressure off us to promote such a powerful fucking message to not only girls but to every single gender, human & race and that’s to #KEEPONBEINGYOU, they have hit the nail on the head with this one. Hallelujah.

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