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Support your friends like you support the celebrities you don’t know. It’s like in this generation, it seems as a whole we’re comfortable if someone’s doing good, but as long we’re doing better. We’re comfortable with showering celebrities with praise and love and find it a chore to do it to our friends. We support the huge brands and take the piss out of the small brands. Why is it we idolize celebs but don’t idolise our friends? Isn’t it mad? You’re the first to help promote a huge million dollar company but nowhere to be seen when it’s your friends small business? You’re comfortable helping building up another ££££££ brand but don’t want to help a friend build theirs? You shower celebs with compliments and make them feel great but go silent when a friends selfie pops up. I often get asked, why is my phone background always of a friend and I reply why not? I get defensive when they look at me confused because for why is admiring my friend so awful? I find it so fascinating how if my background was Kylie Jenner, it’s normal but a friend, woahhhhhh that’s just too hard to comprehend. But why? I feel the exact same with admiring a celeb than I do of a friend, they’re both humans, they’re both inspiring in some sort of way so why is it seen as so alien? I sometimes forget why I love blogging so much but when I see something that makes me instantly inspired I get a rush of adrenalin and I remember why I started it in the first place. Passion. Sometimes it’s okay to spread the love and to be kind just because.

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I honestly believe you should empower those around you, uplift, inspire, motivate and celebrate your friends successes. We all have different talents, dreams, potentials and paths so why can’t it be that we all make it? If you are confident in your abilities that passion will shine through like the sun. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others that will de-motivate you and make you feel inferior to those in the same field. My best advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing, we all have completely different visions and you shouldn’t feel threatened if someone is doing well. Your time will come. Encourage each other, if you see someone doing well, would it hurt to tell them? Would it hurt to congratulate their successes instead of feeling envious that you haven’t yet achieved what they have? If you enjoy someones talent, tell them. Earlier on @Oliviadbuck retweeted a blog post of mine, without being prompted to and I was literally like omg that’s so cute. Just from a retweet it generated lots of views so I am so grateful. A positive mental attitude can work wonders, so today instead of scrolling past that amazing post you’ve read, or ignoring someones amazing dancing video, or not commenting on the makeup tutorial you’ve watched 800 times that taught you how to do a smokey eye, TELL THEM, share it, post it, comment it, tweet it, share the love and love will come back to you.

I would just like to thank @_MGM_XO for inspiring this post  It was incredibly spare of the moment and unplanned so hope you enjoy reading.



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