Talking about previous dates you’ve been on is so much fun, I recently explained on my Instagram story how I once went on a date with a guy and he was ordering Long Island teas, I definitely thought that they were non-alcoholic..turns out after 8 of them, I was totally confused why my date was acting so strange but the day after I was made aware, Long Island tea in actual fact contains lots of alcohol…what a mare!! So off the back of that, I thought I’d ask my followers to tell me some of their worst dating experiences as it’s always a laugh so here it goes…

We asked;

What is one of your worst dating experiences/worst date?

  1. ‘My date told me she loved a good toe sucking’
  2. ‘Getting taken to a strip club for our first date????’
  3. ‘The worst date I ever went on was last year. I went to Winter Wonderland with this guy. I turned up after leaving drinks for a friend so I was slaughtered (great start). All was going well until I went to the toilet quickly and when I came out he wasn’t there…I started walking around trying to find him in my drunk state and ended up getting fully lost ?? then he started calling me going ‘I can’t believe you just left I’m absolutely fuming delete my number and never speak to me again’ HE FULLY THOUGHT I DID A RUNNER but no, I was just drunk and lost. The night ended with me getting on a train home and falling asleep on a tramps shoulder! Yay!’
  4. ‘I was sat at Benihana when her ex boyfriend sat on the same table/station’
  5. ‘He went down my phone when I went to the toilet’
  6. ‘”Do you fancy going swimming, I love swimming”, I had to say that I was going to me Nan’s for tea instead didn’t I’
  7. ‘Went for a meal with a boy, wasn’t really into him. He then got outside but left his bag inside so when he went to get it I ran away?? Worst part is he said he was going to propose when he rang me. 1st fucking date as well!!!’
  8. ‘Took me for a walk around a fucking lake in the dark?????’
  9. ‘Came to paying the bill & the guy then tells me he doesn’t have any money in his account so I have to pay!!’
  10. ‘He started picking his nose’
  11. ‘He kept farting and burping, it was not cute’
  12. ‘I had to pay for both meals!’
  13. ‘I was stood up’
  14. ‘He tried putting his hand up my dress’
  15. ‘Basically the boy picked me up in his car – his glove box was being held shut by Velcro – so I thought I need to get myself out of this situation. So we went for drinks, he kept talking about how he gets really bad wind if he drinks ale ???????? and then in the end I went to the ‘toilet’ but actually done a runner hahahahahahahaa’
  16. ‘We split the bill’
  17.  ‘I once went on a date with a guy that used a knife to check his hair (no joke) all night he kept looking around like he was waiting for something and just made me really uncomfortable, after we left I said I was going to get a train home and he didn’t question it he just asked me to walk him to his own car because he didn’t know the area well and couldn’t remember where it was’
  18. ‘Pulling his life savings out of his pocket…. get a bank card’
  19. ‘He was Mr f*cking sleepy from the seven dwarfs. He wore shoes and a hoody.’
  20. ‘He fell asleep’
  21. ‘Awkward silence throughout the whole date even after the shots were ordered’
  22. ‘Kept going on his phone’
  23. ‘She turned up completely drunk, such a turn off’
  24. ‘Took me to fucking McDonald’s and expected me to pay for my own food as he had his own free meal voucher’
  25. ‘As soon as I got in the car he said he had £30 to last him for the rest of the month. He was an accountant and it was the 11th of that month…’
  26. ‘My best friend was kinda dating a boy and on the third/ish date he came over to the flat and they chilled watching films etc…the lad licked my best friend’s face’
  27. ‘Being catfished’
  28. ‘She got out of the car before I parked ??’
  29. ‘(I’m brunette with brown eyes), he asked me what my type was – I answered and asked him back – his response ‘ahh I normally go for blondes with blue eyes’…. are you wasting my time for fun? Or shall I just leave now!? Ahahaha ended up being together 2 years ??’
  30. ‘He kept talking about sex on our first date’
  31. ‘He mentioned he had slept with over 80 girls, TMI, completely off-putting’
  32. ‘The guy was on drugs and kept going to the bathroom every 5 minutes ????’
  33. ‘This guy basically kept asking me if he was good looking literally every 5 mins, it was so weird ??????’
  34. ‘I once went on date with a guy I’d known for a while, he spent the entire evening taking selfies. He then asked if he could take a picture of me for his snapchat (clearly to try and make himself look like some kind of playa) .. I said no. He then opened a tab at a bar, persistently ordering cocktail after cocktail (it was a posh bar in central London – not cheap). I had one drink. At the end of the evening, the barman handed him the bill. He tapped his pockets, searched aimlessly in his wallet.. and.. wait for it.. he said he had forgotten his card. So guess who had to foot the bill. What a douche!’
  35. ‘He kissed like a washing machine’

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