Compliment – a polite expression of praise or admiration.


I’m going to explain to you, what the power of a compliment did for my self-esteem. I would always say I’m relatively confident in who I am, and although I don’t think I turn heads without makeup, I’ve never really thought about it. I’d happily go to work without makeup and although I may feel slightly conscious doing it, it’s never been that much of an issue. But if I meet someone off-guard and I have no makeup on, I’ve found myself in a habit of apologising to whoever I’m around, “sorry I look shit today”, “excuse the no makeup look” and when I actually come to think of it, I’m like why the fuck am I apologising for walking around as myself? I guess I thought maybe subconsciously that I wouldn’t be as accepted without makeup or that maybe I’m less of a person because I was bare-faced. That’s what I believed until I received this compliment.

I had met a guy at work when I wasn’t wearing a scrap of makeup, I mean no lashes, no lip liner, no eyebrows, nothing (and for those that know me will know those are my comfort items) and his response to me was quite memorable. He was very good-looking and I’m not gonna lie, I felt rather embarrassed for him to see me without makeup, I went all shy like a little girl, but his response to me was that I looked much better without makeup and that me without it was a game changer. Now it might have been him being polite because I was being shy but he came out with it all by himself and it really truly felt like he meant it. I have never had anyone admire me without makeup before like he did or at least no one has ever mentioned it to me before. It sounds so emotional but in my head it gave me the hugest confidence boost ever and made me realise, that I should never apologise for my face. Honestly since that one compliment and the way he made me feel in that moment has impacted on me in such a positive way that it has not only changed my perception of guys but its made me feel less pressured to always have my face paint on. I now look in the mirror and try to imagine wtf he was thinking that day when he said he preferred me natural, and although makeup is sick for making me feel confident, he’s helped in making me confident without it. – So thank you.

I don’t understand why loving yourself is considered as a bad thing; we’re shamed for being too over-confident or arrogant or thinking we’re something special if we are comfortable in our own skin and that needs to change. We need to stop focusing on the things we hate about ourselves and start celebrating the good. Stop being so hung up on what others think of us and stop making excuses for ourselves. The more I see girls embrace the no makeup look on social media the more I’m slowly starting to accept that it’s ok. Being comfortable with who you are without having to apologise for it is literally the most attractive thing. We shouldn’t have to feel the need to apologise for our faces. And come to think of it, I view most of my friends in the same way he viewed me, I far prefer them with a natural no makeup look rather than a full face of contour, I think it’s because no matter what, because I know them, their inside beauty shines through which just makes them all round beautiful. They may have lighter brows, eye bags and undefined lips but their beauty doesn’t change, are they still the same person? Yes. Should they apologise for that? No.

I remember once a guy had told me that I would look far more attractive if I were to get my lips done, I was never insecure about my lips before but I found myself getting into a habit of overdrawing my lips like really obviously and then another guy popped up like wtf you doing that for? You literally don’t need to, you have nice lips you don’t need to do that, and then it reminded me wtf am I doing? Just because someone else is shallow and insecure in themselves doesn’t mean you need to change a single thing about yourself. I guess the whole point of writing this post is to encourage people to compliment others when you feel a certain way about something, no matter how insignificant you feel that compliment is, you never know how much of an effect a genuine compliment can have on someones life.

I would love to know what your most treasured compliment is and did it impact on the way you thought about yourself?

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