So this morning I was awoken with a gorgeous package from @Sparklepruk containing a generous 50ml Monsoon Rose Gold fragrance to review.

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I love it’s minimalistic packaging, it’s the sort of box that would look cute sitting on your dressing table, a white square box with Rose Gold typeface, reflecting the perfumes name, ‘Rose Gold’, I see what you did there. To reveal the fragrance you have to pull the box up and there it is, all gorgeous sitting on a circle cut out making the fragrance stand up-right. The bottle is glass and oval shaped with a rectangular glass lid, very elegant and classy looking.

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My initial thoughts were, will the perfume smell like roses? Will I smell like old people? Then I spritzed the perfume directly into the lid so I could have a whiff, first things first, well this smells nice, secondary thoughts, wait a second, I really like this, thirdly, shocked and surprised, I love it. Trying my best to be proved right, I then spritzed the perfume onto my skin and left it an hour to wait for the smell to change on my skin, the smell is gorgeous and I’m wearing it today! I never ever thought I would be going out in public with a fragrance from Monsoon and I never assumed it would be something for my age group (20-30), I was proven completely wrong and it has taught me a very valuable lesson, that you should never assume.



For a price point of £28.50 I think it’s very reasonable and has great value for money for the huge 50ml it contains. Importantly, the smell lingers on your skin, clothes and hair which means it doesn’t need to be constantly topped up throughout the day which is ideal if you’re on the move.



Funny you ask, describing a smell is literally the hardest thing to do and one that is entirely personal to each individual. When I first opened it on my Instagram story my initial thoughts were and I quote, ‘this smells like smell’, I couldn’t for the life of me explain what it smelt like and why I liked it. When asked why do you like it my response was, I just do. You either gagg and turn your nose up at a smell or you enjoy it, mine was the second. If I had to really go into the smell, I’m no smell connoisseur, I would say the smell is more for summer rather than winter, I say that because it smells really fruity and kind of woody. I would say I could maybe smell lemons but not the sort thats in cleaning products, it’s more of a girly feminine smell which is fresh and sweet but not too overpowering.


RATE! I actually really like the smell and have worn it a few times since. I would just like to thank @sparklepruk for gifting me the product to review.

If you’d like to purchase this product then click here

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