HOW MUCH?; £20

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  1. I am so restless when someones doing my hair
  • I book Frankie because she is QUICK. If you know me you know I am the worlds most impatient human alive, I am trying to work on it but sitting in a chair for longer than one hour with ok results is not what I’m about. I need maximum results with as little time as possible. Frankie makes that possible. This is why I love her doing my hair.

2. My blow drys last 1 hour

  •  I book Frankie because my hair looks good not only the day she styles it but also the day after! My blow drys often fall out after the first hour of having it done however the last blow-dry she did for me, lasted a whole two days –  (that’s insane for my hair).

3. I get bored with small talk 

  • I book Frankie because she keeps me entertained. I sometimes find the whole ‘are you having a holiday this year’ typical hair dresser talk v v boring and sometimes even awkward. When Frankie comes down we have a right old gossip and the time literally goes by in what feels like 1 minute. For someone as impatient as me, being entertained whilst having my hair done is the key.

4. I cry when someone pulls my hair

  • I book Frankie because she doesn’t rip my hair out my skull. I’m a massive baby and the littlest pull of my hair makes me agitated. She is so gentle and that’s another reason I need her to be my hair stylist for life. Oh and for those wondering why your hair doesn’t hurt when it’s pulled during sex is because apparently during arousal pain and pleasure are indistinguishable – learn something new everyday!

5. Having a bad hair day

  • I book Frankie because she makes me feel fabulous! My hair looks healthier and I feel happier. When you’re having a shitty day – a shitty week or even a shitty month (very unfortunate but it happens) booking some retail therapy will leave you feeling better about yourself. It’s a known fact that having a good hair day raises your self-esteem and confidence – any excuse to book aye!


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