We asked 20 girls to describe their ‘Netflix and chill’ experience with us and these are their responses..

So I went round his house, he got Netflix up on his tv, he weirdly wanted to choose the film..he tactically chose a very very very boring film..he was actually so so into it and I was sad he wasn’t paying me any attention.. this was also tactical on his behalf… after a minute of sighing and looking bored.. he stuck it on me and 15 mins in we’re having sex on top of the sofa….’

  1. ‘Sex happened’
  2. ‘The boy lasted about 10 mins into the film and started getting handy’
  3. ‘Once, we actually did Netflix and chill… left disappointed & upset.’
  4. ‘Starts with a chill for about 10 minutes then straight into the non-stop f*cking (hate to be blunt)’
  5. ‘Spend 30 minutes deciding on a film you both want to watch to then turn the film off 15 minutes in because listening to inbetweeners while having sex isn’t the one’
  6. ‘It means never watching Netflix and a disappointing pump pump squirt from a f*ck boy that still lives with his parents’
  7. ‘Netflix and chill always starts out with intent to watch a film you’ve spent about half an hour deciding on but by the opening credits his tongues already down your throat..it’s sometimes annoying when you actually want to watch said film lol!’
  8. ‘He invited me round to watch films but really only had BBC Player’
  9. ‘Watch Netflix for 10 mins then 5 mins in you’re kissing’
  10. ‘He’s put on some shitty fucking film or some fucking shit series and then tried to put it on me about 3 minutes 26 seconds in and it’s just gone from there!’
  11. ‘When you agree to ‘Netflix and chill’ you know what you have signed up for ??’
  12. ‘Boys always think when you wanna watch something it’s okay to ‘chill’ and try a bit of hand fondling but when it’s something they wanna watch oh girl keep your hands to yourself????’
  13. ‘Spend about 20 minutes actually picking the bloody film, watch it for a good 5 minutes until their head comes swooping in for a kiss and then their hand comes down your knickers, next minute they’re scratching your clit like a lottery ticket’
  14. ‘There was no Netflix and no chilling..far from chilling in fact…’
  15. ‘He watches you more than the TV then after a while you just sorta give in’
  16. ‘Just a lads excuse for everything’
  17. ‘Well me and my BF have Netflix and chill Sundays and I can honestly say we have never got more than 5 minutes through a movie before our attention is taken elsewhere ??’
  18. ‘Chill for first 10 mins, have sex for 20 and repeat’
  19. ‘You put on a film, normally with no intention to watch it. You see the beginning and the end of the film and nothing in between but both say “that was a good film”’
  20. ‘Didn’t even get to the Netflix bit??’


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