Written by Danielle Tobin & Jade McDonagh.

Our friend was talking to us about her potential bae (1 of 10 that she falls in love with on a daily basis lols) and mentioned that they haven’t yet met up, so us being the dating gurus we are (currently sat in on a Friday night with a pint of ice cream) asked her to ask him, ‘when are we going out’. Her obvious response was to freak out and to be like nooooo girls can’t do that, acting like it was the worst thing in the world, but our response was ‘It’s 2017…you’ve been talking for over a month, go get your bae’…which led us to write this post….

So you have been speaking to said human *insert name here* for a couple of weeks now, and there’s still no sign of a date or even a cocktail on the horizon. Do you really need another pen pal in your life you ask yourself? Do you really need another person to waste countless hours and emojis on? You probably don’t. Whether you’ve exchanged numbers through the dms…or you’ve met them in your local classy nightclub and it was love at first tequila, you need to cut all the bullshit and just meet up. There we said it.

Why are we as a generation so comfortable with exchanging small talk and making virtual pen pals rather than going out and having fun together? If you’ve found yourself in a textationship then this is where you need to just ask them this simple question.. the answer will then determine your fate and probably save you a lot of data, When are we going for a drink?”..the concept sounds terrifying.. and you’ll probably be riddled of thoughts of ‘but shall I just wait for him to ask me’ but where’s that got you so far? Ask yourself this, how valuable is your time to you?

We searched through lots of articles over the internet and there was a lot of DO NOT ASK HIM OUT kind of articles and here is why we think it’s a great idea. If you’ve been pinging back and forth with your flavour of the month with no burger, cocktail or cinema in sight then be brave, ask him out, what’s the worst that can happen? Cutting to the chase will save you from potentially wasting months of your time being in a textationship constantly wondering ‘will he ever actually ask me or am I wasting my time? Your time is precious – waste it wisely. 

If that doesn’t convince you, we present you with the Cosmo survey that determined that 95 percent of guys think it’s hot if a girl asks them out. So we thought we’d put this to the test and ask a group of 20 guys ‘If a girl asked ‘when we going for drinks’ or initiated that the two of you should go out, what are your thoughts on it?’ and these are our results.. ‘Click here



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