Stop making stupid people famous.


Like ok I get it, everyone’s got to make a livinnnnnn. But I just can’t cope with the amount of talentless people being made famous these days. Yeah I get it, it’s fun to go on TV and to have sex and disrespect your grandma and stuff, but like seriously where is the talent and why do so many companies jump at the chance to make these people ambassadors of their beloved brands?

More than 80million pictures are uploaded to Instagram every day with more than 3.5bn ‘likes’ every day. 

Instagram has rapidly taken over our lives, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. So it’s no surprise that many companies use it as their main marketing outlet. So it makes it even easier for the youth of today to follow these ‘said celebrity’s’ and become even more obsessed with them. Like 12-year-old girls are looking up to reality stars who are famous for getting smashed on TV, eating kebabs at 2am and peeing the bed. – I know this is somewhat a representation of a ‘normal’ person to an extent but do we really need more talentless humans being made into idols for our younger generation to look up to? 


Where’s our power women at?!?

Why would you work all the hours under the sun, get a degree, get up at silly o’clock every Monday for 40k a year, when you can be a crazy party animal being sent freebies, attending PA’s and turning up to photoshoots with your bits out for about £733251million a month? I can see the attraction as these said celebrities seem to be financially stable just from being themselves but we as a collective bunch of humans need to stop encouraging this to happen.


“You’re never too young to dream big”

Let’s make education cool again!

I’m not saying we all need to aim to be the next Maggie Thatcher by any means, but lets make learning cool again. Let’s make reading cool again, let’s aim higher than achieving 101 likes on our booty selfie, let’s work for more than a new pair of lips as seen on our fav Z list Celeb. Open a study book instead of your Iphone 6 and strive to be the smartest bitch in class not the pengest girl on the gram. 


“Beauty is dangerous but brains are lethal”

Like are my future children (that’s hilarious I need to get a husband first) going to aspire to become a reality TV star who promotes charcoal teeth whitening and gets their mooey out on TV? No offence to those that do, I mean money is money and all that, good luck to you. I’m just struggling to accept that that’s what our generation has become. It saddens me. Anything a REALITY star touches turns to gold and my brain can’t cope.

Will the youth of today ever know what self-respect is if the only idols they have ever known got famous by acting loose as a goose on TV!?!? Isn’t it sad that we care more about showing off our lives rather than actually living it? We are material girls living in a material world. And I don’t like it.


Written by my favourite; Jade McDonagh xo

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