– Interview with Reece Morgan, Xupes.


Q1. So can you explain in simple terms for people who have no idea about what you do, how does it all work?

We buy and sell pre-owned & new authentic luxury designer handbags with up to 70% off of the original retail price.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 15.43.59

Q2. So say I wanted to buy a Chanel handbag, how do I go about it?

All of the handbags we have in stock are available to purchase via our website Me and my team are always available to advise you on our current stock and give you any information you may need. If you have a particular bag in mind and it’s not readily available online, we will try our best to source one for you.

Q3. Are the bags in good condition? Am I not just better off getting a brand new one?

We rank our bags conditions out of ten and most of our bags on are a minimum of 8/10. You can find full condition reports for each item alongside a full set of professionally shot images on each listing.

Our bags have up to a 70% discount off of the original retail price so you could potentially buy two pre-loved Handbags for the price of one new one. I would never buy a new bag from store again!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 15.52.32.png

Q4. Am I allowed to come and view the bag I’m buying or is it all done online?

You’re able to book an appointment to come and view your desired bag at our showroom. Our office is a beautiful 17th century barn based in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire.

Q5. I read that you offer finance on handbags? What’s the terms and conditions?

We offer different finance packages depending on the bag. Our finance packages range from 6 months interest free right up to 24 months, so you have the option to pay the bag off as you wear it.

Q6. Tell me about your outfit today…

Today I am wearing vintage Vivienne Westwood military blazer, J Brand jeans and Saint Laurent cuban heeled boots – accessorised with a vintage Chanel brooch and my favourite Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack. – My style is eclectic so I tend stole my look completely different each day.

Available online here

Q7. Do you plan your outfit around the bag or the bag around the outfit?

I always plan my outfit first. There was a time where I would plan every outfit down to every last detail a week before I was wearing it, but I’m taking a more relaxed approach with my style these days. I always get ready and then stand in front of my handbag shelves and whichever one catches my eye, I wear it, whether it goes with my outfit or not.

Q8. Who is your fashion icon & where do you get your style inspiration from?

It depends what kind of mood I’m in. If I want to be a maximalist I draw so much inspiration from Anna Dello Russo. I love Marc Jacobs and Ezra William’s styles too! If I’m feeling a bit more chilled and want a more muted vibe I will draw inspiration from people like Sienna Miller and Olivia Palermo.


Q9. What did you work as before Xupes Handbags?

A photographer – I actually started at Xupes as an assistant photographer.

Q10. What made you change direction into running a designer handbag department?

The directors of the company noticed I had a pretty obscene handbag collection for a 20 year old at the time and asked if its something I would consider starting as it was a nice fit for the company’s luxury image. I have had no formal training in accessories or leather goods, just great interest! So since April 2015, with backing from my directors who have been extremely supportive, I have managed to build a handbag department from nothing which has become a key part of the business at


Q11. What are the 3 bags every woman should own..(No expense spared)?

1. I would say every collection needs a Chanel Classic Double Flap bag – a neutral colour, black or beige, preferably vintage too – Small is the most popular size I sell and they are great investments.

2. A Birkin is a must – 35cm is the most wearable size, my favourite leather is Togo and I’m obsessed with Soufre yellow, but black or gold are probably safer options.

3. I think every collection needs an out there piece – I would probably go for a exotic skin. Maybe a Lady Dior in crocodile? If not, an embellished Fendi Peekaboo maybe? I can’t decide, buy them all!

Q12. What is the last bag you bought for yourself?

The last bag I purchased for my personal collection was a vintage Chanel black lambskin Mini Bucket Bag. I had one before which I regretted swapping in immediately so I had to buy another. Tell a lie, I recently purchased two Goyard St. Louis which are great to travel with. 


Q13. And for Xupes..?

The last bag I purchased for is the most amazing Louis Vuitton Capucines MM in black aligator leather, its unreal!

Q14. What is the next bag on your wish list?

Whatever catches my eye; my collection is quite vast and I do not reside myself to sticking to one brand or size. We recently sold an extremely rare Chanel XXXL Flap bag which I kick myself for not buying for myself! I would really like a large Gucci Dionysus too, the embellished models are amazing.


Q15. Who’s your favourite Designer right now?

I am Gucci obsessed since Alessandro Michele took over, absolute genius.

Q16. My favourite part.. what’s in your handbag today?

  • My favourite Marc Jacobs bronzer & brush
  • My two phones – work/personal
  • A box of green tea – Quite particular with my tea choices
  • My Chanel card holder
  • Keys
  • Dior lip plump
  • Headphones
  • USB stick

And lastly, where do you see yourself and Xupes handbags in 5 years time?

I look at how I have built the department in the past year and it’s scary to think what we can do in five! We have a lot of exciting things happening, expect lots of new stock, rare pieces and accessories. I would like to think we would be the leading international pre-owned handbag site by then. So in other words; I’m going to take over the world, one Chanel bag at a time…


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