Tell me about the launch! 

Benefit Cosmetics have just launched their newest brow product; ‘Foolproof brow powder’. To celebrate this brand new product they teamed up with Olympus-pen (a really popular camera for bloggers) to put on a brow & photography masterclass event for us bloggers.

Upon arriving they handed us each a memory card, the idea behind this was that throughout the event we could take photos using the new Olympus-pen cameras! And then afterwards we got to keep the memory cards, so cute! Benefit always make you feel so special at their events, the effort and time that goes into planning all the tiny little details are one of the reasons I adore the company so much. (And because the canipes were giving me lifeeeeeee, ALWAYS FIND ME AT THE BUFFET).



Foolproof Brow Powder..

So Benefit Cosmetics have released yet another amazing brow launch called ‘Foolproof brow powder‘ and it’s insane. We’re all obsessed with the ombre brow at the moment and currently to create this look you would just apply less pressure on the front of your brows to create the ombre illusion. BUT! Benefit have caught onto this and have created a product which is JUST FOR THIS, I’m obsessed. Taking into account the UK’S number 1 best-selling brow powder brow-zings, it’s pretty similar except the product actually gradients from light to dark!

So I was surprised that instead of a regular brow brush, it included a double ended sponge and spoolie applicator. My first impressions were I wonder why it hasn’t got a proper brow brush, but as they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…so I tried it and personally, I didn’t love it. Due to having my brows tattooed and hardly any hair, I find I need a really precise sharp defined edge to carve my brows out but for me this looked a little messy. Saying that, I LOVE the brow product.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.21.59.png

  • 3 shades (I have shade 5, the darkest)
  • 12 hour wear
  • Mimics brow-hair
  • No harsh lines
  • £20

Questions and Answers..

Throughout the talk we got to ask questions and ask advice from Photographer, @JayMcLaughlin. Being a photographer myself, it was really interesting talking with him about photography as I felt like I could relate and gain some wisdom from his experiences. He gave me three pieces of advice which I’d like to share with you all….

  1. If you’re trying to find a clean, crisp, white flat lay, then using your bathtub as the next best thing! The fact that it has rounded edges is especially good as there is no need to crop out the harsh lines. And this is a great tip for when you’re travelling because you don’t always have a room to bring a flat lay board with you!
  2. He reminded us of Kate Moss and her quote which said, in a photograph you have to either think ‘fuck me or fuck you’.
  3. It’s all about how you feel in a photograph, so playing music for example is a great way of making someone feel a certain way, he mentioned that he once played Disney songs with women in wedding dresses as it brought out their inner princess, this was sooo helpful!

Thanks Jay!


For this event I had my hair blow-dried by @hairbyfrankiebear_ who is a freelance hairdresser covering Essex/Kent areas. She is a blow dry specialist who offers blowdry work shops so you guys can learn the art of the perfect blow! All bookings are made via DM on her Instagram.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg
Brows; Dark brow-zings


Who did you go with?

So basically for beauty blogging events, I am testing out a new thing where I basically give away a plus 1 to my followers so they can accompany me to an event. I tried it out the other day and a girl called @Andreainglis messaged me, I didn’t know her other than a few likes here and there on Instagram but I when I saw she was a blogger too, I thought this could be fun! I took her as my plus 1 and it was fabulous, we got to talk all things blogger and beauty over glasses of champagne and pic n mix, perfect!


Dannn, get to the goody bag, what was in it!!! 

So inside the hugest goodie bag ever was;


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