This morning I received a beauty box from my favourites at @Lookfantastic! If you read my blog you’ll know what a beauty box subscription is because I review them all the time but if you don’t know it’s basically a box of beauty goodies that gets delivered to your door once a month. Who doesn’t love random products in the post?! It’s like a surprise present to yourself, it’s the best idea ever!

Anyways I bet you’re dying for me to tell you all about what was inside, firstly the quote on the inside of the box quoted by MR ROALD DAHL, is sooooo weird because literally the day before I received this, I was explaining to my followers that thoughts turn into things, and I absolutely 100% believe it as well…

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – ROALD DAHL.

It’s like you’re never fully dressed without a smile, a smile literally makes you look so much more approachable and it helps people connect to you, honestly, you have no idea what people are going through in this world and the power a smile can achieve is literally crazy! So make it your mission to smile to at least 3 strangers today and watch how it lights up their day, I DARE YA!

FullSizeRender (2)



So firstly there was a very suspect product which was a Collagen and vitamin supplement drink, I’m one of those people who smells everything before it goes into my mouth (don’t be cheeky), and honestly, the smell was horrible, in fact it actually made my eyes water, but for the sake of my followers wondering what it tasted like, I was literally shocked at how good it actually tasted, I mean maybe I’m being a bit keen, it was nice, it wasn’t absolutely the best thing in life, but it was bearable and tasted almost like Lucozade.

Ok now I’ve read up on it, babes, it’s fine, it’s a BEAUTY SHOT, it all makes sense now, so it’s like the vitamin version of tequila. It smells vile but knock it back in 3 seconds and the effects start to take place.


So this is a toothpaste, clues in the title, and its a toothpaste which basically helps to repair the enamel on your teeth whilst you brush restoring its whiteness. The product looks really shimmery and glistens in the light and also has a blue tinge to it, we all know that anything blue based will make your teeth appear whiter so for those wondering why some lipsticks make your teeth look yellow that’s the reason! You need to ask for a blue based lipstick for your teeth to appear brighter and whiter! The toothpaste tastes quite strongly of mint and is pleasant so I will definitely be using it to see if it makes a difference to my smile!


I am obsesssssssed with this toner. Chamomile is literally one of my favourite smells ever, it’s basically like a daisy-like smelling plant which just smells insane! It’s particularly known for having so many benefits to you such as fighting anxiety and depression, helps you sleep and even acts as an anti-inflammatory! This toner is known to help cool and sooth the skin so it’s a perfect toner for night-time especially. This is probably my most favourite product from this months box!


Now now now ladies, we all know the number 1 product in life you should all be wearing is SUNSCREEN! Honestly, working in the beauty industry, I would ask the beauty consultants what’s the best product in making you look younger and they all say without a doubt its wearing sun screen! It’s the HUGEST way to prevent aging on your skin and hands (which are the tell-tale signs of growing older). So slather that on your face like no tomorrow because when you’re 60 you’re older self-will thank you for it. Prevention is key. The product is a cream like consistency and blends well into the skin leaving a greasy-free complexion – to be honest, it actually feels amazing – it leaves your face feeling silky and hydrated, win.

What does it smell like? – it reminds me a little bit of play dough mixed with cocoa butter.

TOP TIP – I understand you might not want to smother your face in sunscreen especially at a high factor 50 but if you’re conscious of your eye bags, then putting sunscreen on them will prevent the sun darkening your bags! The skin is so thin under your eye area that it’s the first place the sun tans – so if I can’t convince you to wear it all over then under your eyes is a start!


Ok first thoughts on this bronzing powder is, oh no, it contains shimmer, I am a serial matte bronzer lover and I NEVER wear anything but, I swatched the bronzer and I really love how warm and pigmented it is, I will always try new products without judging them so I am going to try a makeup look wearing it to see if I can be swayed, but I definitely liked the look of the swatch so I might be convinced!


So this is a highlighting pencil in a really warm pinkish nude shade. Personally I use powder when I highlight but I’m always in search for a pencil highlighter to carve under my brow bone with and this is perfect, it’s really easily blendable and can double up as an eyeshadow primer!


Who hasn’t heard of Moroccan oil products? Exactly! We all have. Any problems anyone has there’s always someone going ‘have you tried Moroccan oil’ and they’re right, Moroccan oil solves a huge range of beauty dilemmas and it’s AMAZING for your hair. It smells so delicious you actually want to eat it (but I advise you don’t), just let it be a nice drink for your hair, although I’m scared of using hair products because I’m so scared it’ll leave me with greasy hair, I’m gonna take one for the team and try it out. Because if I end up using it then I promise you all, YOU WILL LOVE IT. I will update you on this one.

And lastly the box came with an Elle magazine, what more could you want aye!?


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