When my mum’s friend innocently asked me, what does ‘Netflix and chill’ mean…I smirked to myself. I mean for a few people it might actually be totally innocent and it really does mean what it says. But in other cases Netflix and chill does not mean, lets just chill and watch Netflix, in fact it means quite the opposite. Most of the time the person in question doesn’t even own a Netflix account and the activities are in fact far more ‘chilled’ than what you’d expect. Netflix and chilling can be quite the work out actually (so I’ve heard anyways)….

What usually happens in a Netflix and chill scenario; You go round said persons house, you ‘chill’ in their room for about 5 mins watching some weird film they’ve shoved on the TV (most likely really boring to make the thought of jumping on them seem more appealing) then bobs your uncles and 5 mins into the film you’re completely naked being thrown about having wild sex.


Urban dictionary definition; When you go to your partner’s house and watch netflix which then escalates to sexual activities, all while netflix is still playing in the background

I asked 20 guys to define the term ‘Netflix and chill’ and here are their answers;

I asked guys to define what they thought the term ‘Netflix and chill’ really meant…

  1. ‘I wanna get her round for a rump without having to go to the effort of drinks or dinner because she’s a 6.5’
  2. ‘Put on a film you’re not bothered about watching and shag the whole way through’
  3. ‘In bed watching films, usually always turns to sex’
  4. ‘Come over to my house, stick Netflix on for about 5 minutes then bang like jackrabbits for 12 seconds’
  5. ‘Meet to hangout and have sex’
  6. ‘6 hours of excellent nookie’
  7. ‘It means I’m gonna put on a movie in the background and then try and have sex with you’
  8. ‘Netflix and maybe sex if she’s on it’
  9. ‘Sex on the sofa’
  10. ‘It’s bit of Netflix and abit of saucy smooch or more’
  11. ‘No effin idea’
  12. ‘Netflix & Shag’
  13. ‘It means you’re in for a deep dicking appointment’
  14. ‘A good ole shag’
  15. ‘Chilling and f*cking whether or not a TV is involved’
  16. ‘Watch a movie and chill’
  17. ’15 seconds of fun and then 2 hours of awkward film watching’
  18. (With her consent). Webster define it as the act of watching a popular streaming service whilst engaging in sexual activity.’
  19. ‘F*ck and chuck in a nicer way’
  20. ‘It never means Netflix and it 100% never means chilling’


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