HOW MUCH; £325 (includes 4-8 week top up)

CONTACT; 07794773331

EMAIL; poppyscosmetics@gmail.com

WEBSITE; www.poppyscloset.co.uk

‘Take a bitch swimming on the first date’ – I see these memes all the time and I fully agree, if a guy took me swimming on the first date firstly, I WOULD DIE, secondly, HE WOULD DIE, thirdly, WE’D ALL DIE. Give a shit about bikini body, it’s the brows I care about. Who knew brows would ever mean so much to us? Honestly, thank god for people like @poppyscosmetics because she’s literally given me LIFE. Like if you could bottle up a bit of life in a bottle, tattooed eyebrows are the equivalent, yayyyy for Poppy. Anyways, not to be dramatic but I have NO eyebrows. Like I mean I have some, slight, a tiny bit, but honestly, I look like a mole without them. (Actually I just googled what a Mole looks like and that is a tiny bit too dramatic…see pic below)


I’m going to include a photo that I took without powdering in my brows and one with powder so you can see the difference and understand my pain every morning when I have to sit there and IMPATIENTLY create two brows that somewhat look related. I get eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins, but the stress is real. I would love to just portray the idea I’m the most confident person in the world but if we’re gonna relate and bond then I need to be honest with you guys, my lack of brows is my biggest insecurity and because we’re all friends here, here is what I look like without absolutely anything on my brows. No one sees this version of me. So you’re lucky I’m trusting you with this pic.


I actually am laughing.. the version of me on the left is me without ANY BROW PRODUCTS ON!!! looooooooool. The photo of me on the right is me with powdered brows. I think we can all agree, brows are life??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I will actually sleep in brow powder just to save scaring whoever the lucky person is in bed next to me. I know, I know. It’s crazy how much a pair of brows can frame your face and actually make you look like a completely different person. Now can you understand why girls brows are so important to them?! So when I see these memes about taking bitches swimming I’m like, well sorry m8 that I weren’t born with amazing brows but god couldn’t bless me with everything, that would be totally unfair, lolzz.

So what happens when you get your brows did?!

So prior to the appointment (roughly about 45mins before), you pop some numbing cream on your brows, that way you will feel nadaaaaa and the whole process will be pain free…honestly.

Then what?! 

Then Poppy will draw some ugly boxes around your brows and you will temporarily freak out in your head like what is dis bish doing to me.. you panic in your head and she then reassures you that your brows will not be this shape. *thank the lord*.

After your panic is over then what happens?

So after your mini heart attack, she then puts three shades of colour onto your head, this is so you can see what colour you want your brows to be. I went for a medium brown because if I want them darker on my next appointment we can make them darker. It’s harder to make eyebrows go dark to light than light to dark. So always go lighter if you’re unsure.

Then after you choose your colour then what…?

You take some selfies and shiz and wave goodbye to your old ugly brows.

Then what?

She begins tattooing your face *GASPS*!

Does it hurt?

I’m a baby so trust me when I say this, it’s about 1/10 pain but if we’re dramatic psychopaths then 2.6/10. So to answer your question, no.

Do you see needles and shit flying everywhere? 

Absolutely not, to be honest I couldn’t see anything.

Then what?

She’ll measure them and make sure you looking and feeling as fleeky as Bey, then you’re ready to go!

Would you recommend her?

She had me feeling like a new human, 100% yes.

Thanks so much Poppy, you da real eyebrow MVP. – most valuable player.

eyebrow-funny-lol-make-up-Favim.com-2717170 (1).jpg


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