I have had the pleasure of being able to review this months witwoo bridal beauty subscription box! No no, I know I am no way near even getting married, engaged or for that matter even close to having a boyfriend but I know lots of you guys have been lucky enough to find the person you want to spend the rest of your lives with so I this post is dedicated to you!


We would hope that having a wedding will only come around once in our lives so to make the big day build up even more exciting why not subscribe yourself to a bridal beauty subscription? It’s like the other beauty boxes I have shown you except for this one is specifically for brides-to-be. It would also be a great present for a friend/family member that is due to be getting married! If you haven’t read the other posts on subscription boxes, it’s basically a box of goodies/products that gets delivered to your home once a month for you to try out new products. The beauty behind this box is it gives you a range of products to try before your big day and comes with a bridal magazine so each month you can be inspired. It’s slightly more expensive than the other boxes but it’s definitely worth it for the amount of things you get in the box.

  • NIPPLE BALM – £12
  • SPECTRUM BRUSH – £7.99
  • COFFEE SCRUB – £8.95

(The contents adds up to £60 and cost £20)

Inside my box I have used the entire contents this weekend as everything was just to my taste. The nail colour (mayfair lane) they provided from Nails Inc was a pale pink colour which is perfect for weddings as it’s nice and neutral and from wearing it the entire weekend, it has great staying power too, it almost looks like I have gels on!

The box also included a product called ‘nipple balm’ and when I vlogged it on my insta story – girls and makeup artists were all messaging me saying how this is a holy grail product in the beauty industry. So that made me excited having something that everyone wants and says works amazingly for lots of different reasons. Nipple balm is like a clear sticky gel like product which can be used for multiple reasons, some being, lip balm, to soothe any dry areas of the body, to mix in with pigments to intensify the colour, the uses are endless! I used it on my eyes to help stick the glitter pigment to just the lid and not the smoky part of the shadow, it stopped any glitter from falling on the rest of the makeup look which was a bonus to me. It also has zero smell which is a plus as you can use it anywhere without it irritating the skin – especially the eye area.

I’ve written lots of things about the cruelty free makeup industry and how to look for brushes which state they are animal cruelty free so ‘spectrum’ in particular advocate for this cause so I was pleased to find one of their brushes in my box. The one in particular they sent me which was the ‘strong finish’ brush has been sold out for quite some time on their website which I can only assume is a good thing. I used it this weekend for my under-eye powder and it held onto the brush perfectly with no product fall which is important when you’re only wanting the powder in a specific place. I also love how funky the brushes are, they definitely stand out from the other brushes I own which are all mainly black and grey.

The bronzer/highlighter is very very pigmented and I think the bronze shade in particular would look amazing on the eyes to create a warm smoky eye look. It’s very small but a little bit goes a long way so bare that in mind before you sweep your brush in.

And lastly the coffee scrub which I have been wanting to try for ages now was in the box. Practically ever blogger known in the world has taken a photo with this coffee scrub so I’m now excited I can be part of the gang. When I tell you now, the smell of this scrub is a bloody dream, I cannot even cope with the smell when I opened it. They sent the orange one and it smells like you want to eat it, it was a struggle! On the packet read..

Hi I’m Grounded sweet orange coffee facial scrub ® it’s nice to meet you! You may have already heard about me; I’m the little tropical face scrub packed with the vitamins and mineral’s you need for extra soft skin and a bright complexion. I’m made with extra fine ground Robusta coffee power, so I’ll take extra special care when scrubbing those sweet cheeks. I contain brown sugar and sea salt which helps to scrub away any dry, dead or flakey skin. I want to make sure your skin is as moisturised and hydrated as possible which is why I’ve added vitamin E, cold pressed sweet Almond oil and extra virgin Coconut Oil to this scrub. I’m made with Sweet Orange oil to boost skin with Vitamin C and to help cleanse pores. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and say hello to clearer, healthier skin.

I literally couldn’t have worded it better myself! Doesn’t that just make you so excited to try it? So definitely look out for when I post my blogger type photo of me in the tub with this scrub all over my face and I will tell you exactly my thoughts!

So all in all this box is definitely another favourite of mine and even though I’m not getting married anytime soon I might just subscribe anyway, I loved everything in the box and it’s given me a chance to try lots of new products which I may have not tried otherwise.


Thanks witwoo for spoiling me!

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