Oh my god. I am sooooooooooo excited to show you guys this new brand ‘The perfume society‘ that have gifted me this week. So you know I normally review beauty box subscriptions? Well this box is for perfume/scent. IT’S AMAZING. This is not a paid post, this was just a gift that was scent to me…get it?! No but honestly, this box is absolutely bang on the money, I’m just sad that I haven’t found out about it sooner. The idea of a box full of amazing perfumes for you to try each month is just the best idea ever. I am a sucker for buying the same perfumes over and over because I can’t deal with the hassle of going to try them on in store with an aggy beauty lady moaning that I want to try that one again for the 9th time so for me this is completely ideal.


I’m going to explain the scents in the box and my thoughts, I’m not going to go in too much in detail as there are so many but just so you guys have a rough idea. I will be giving ratings out of five based on if I personally would wear it myself. I haven’t looked up any of these as I want to judge the smell solely on the smell and not the brand, packaging or price.

Inside the box;

ORMONDE JAYNE TSARINA – £280 per 100ml. – This smells divine. It smells very expensive whatever that smells like, but yeah, if you wanna smell rich, this is definitely what you wanna smell of. 4.6/5

BVLGARI ROSE GOLDEA – £74 per 100ml. This heavily smells of rose hence the name, it reminds me of a really clean, soapy, fresh smell, probably one I wouldn’t necessarily choose to wear myself but for those who like sweet, feminine smells then this is one to try. 2/5

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN BACCARAT ROUGE – £195 per 100ml. I really quite like this one, smells really sexual, definitely an evening smell maybe for a date night or something. Yep the more I’m smelling it the more I’m falling in love with it. 4.8/5

VERCASE EROS POUR FEMME EAU DE TOILETTE – £70 per 100ml. – This is a super summery smell, the type of smell you wanna be wearing when you’re on a day out. It’s still quite sensual but also very fresh and clean smelling. 3/5

HERMES GALOP D’HERMES – £366 per 100ml. – This is very strong-smelling, smells of rose and leather mixed together. It’s quite a fruity smell but also spicy if that makes any sense to you. 3.5/5

CHARLOTTE TILBURY SCENT OF A DREAM – £49 per 100ml. – It’s really not what I was expecting, I’m not quite sold on this one, but now it’s calmed down, nah actually, I duno. I’m undecided.

MILLER HARRIS ETUI NOIR – £54.95 per 100ml. – Omg. I can’t even smell the sheet again because it’s literally soooooo strong. It smells like whiskey and really leathery and alcohol like. Really really dislike this one. Like I can’t even carry on smelling it to describe it. 1/5

FATHOM V BEAU FORT – £95 per 100ml – If you like the smell of plants, freshly cut grass and real planty type flowers then this is the smell for you. It’s so earthy smelling and not something I would personally want to smell of.  I would no way want to smell of grass and plants, it’s soooo strong as well. I’m not a fan at all. 1/5

NEJMA 7 – £120 per 100ml – I absolutely love this one. So creamy and coconut like. It’s really quite sexy and sensual. Definitely one to wear on a date, literally smells so nice you want to eat it but not because it’s overly sweet, it just smells so delicious.

So after telling you exactly my thoughts, I then read the cards, it’s quite fascinating not cheating and to see what the cards had written about the scents themselves. I mean I have no idea about perfumes and notes and things, but it’s made me really quite interested in smelling more fragrances. As I’m writing this all I can smell over all of the perfume swatches is the grassy one and it has to go! So overpowering.

I also received a Molton Brown bath and body wash and a Nails inc nail varnish.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

Would you recommend this subscription box?

100000%. There are some really high-end brands in there, some costing up to £360 a bottle so it’s definitely worth it. I thought it was so exciting trying out the different smells and out of all 9 of the scents, there’s only two I absolutely wouldn’t wear. And for someone who wears the same 5 perfumes day in day out, I thought I would only like about 1, so I’m quite surprised really.

How much is it?


Is it worth the money?

Yes, even though I’ve been gifted this box, I would definitely repurchase and buy it myself as I just think it’s so worth it. And I love that there are lots of handbag sized perfumes you can just chuck into your bag.

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