£25.99 per month on a rolling subscription (better value)

£28.99 one month with no subscription

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So for those of you who watch my Instagram stories or follow my Instagram you will have seen me advertise this Vita box and are probably thinking.. oh here we go, another blogger pretending she uses something for false promo. That however is incorrect, if you know me you will know I only ever accept collabs which I am interested in using as I don’t like promoting something I wouldn’t use. When I was approached by this company asking to gift me, I asked about 3008282 questions before they sent it just to make sure I understood what the product was so I could be confident in using it and promoting it.

Vita box is a 28 day nutrition pack giving you all the nutrients you need for a healthy body.


It contains;

Omega 3,6,9 (the most essential fatty acids for a healthy heart & muscles)

Green Tea (not the drink kind, this is a powerful antioxidant which helps to maintain a healthy metabolism)

Multivitamins (Providing overall benefits for supporting cardiac, circulatory, digestive, immune, mental and vision health)

Co-enzyme Q10 – Which helps your body produce energy

Being a Pescetarian and going to the gym everyday I feel I probably miss out on a lot of key vitamins and minerals due to my diet and the fact I’m quite fussy, so using this pack of vitamins actually makes me feel more at ease and confident in being active and eating the way I do. It’s in no way a substitute or replacement of food but it does make me worry less knowing I’ve had my vitamins for the day. I’m a regular in Holland & Barrat and always have hundreds of pots of different pills and often I forget which ones I’ve taken because there’s so many to remember. This is why I think Vitabox is such a brilliant idea because it has the days written on the strips containing all the vitamins for that day so there’s no confusion at all. If you’re in a rush all you have to do is rip off the strip and take it with you, easy as that, no rattling bottles, no confused souls, EASY PEASY!



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