£15 monthly subscription

3 travel friendly 3ml fragrance sprays

3 fragrances combined – 120 sprays worthy

Delivered through your letterbox in a sleek little box

Free delivery in the UK

Available for Men & Women


Inside read the message, ‘Hello beautiful’, I love anything personal in a subscription box as it’s like it’s talking to you when you open it, ‘Enjoy from all of us at Secret Scent Box’. First impressions, I expected the box to be a lot bigger, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I’m used to receiving beauty subscription boxes so I assumed it would be of that size. Not a problem though, just my initial thoughts, the box itself is really sleek and cute, looks expensive and sturdy. Then the message card just makes it even more cute when you open the box, really digging that idea, love the design and colours of the card too. Then inside are three cards explaining what’s in your box.

What’s in the box;

TOM FORD ORCHID SOLEIL – I recently went to lakeside with my friend and we smelt every single fragrance in the store, so much so that I think I’m now a pro for selling Tom Ford fragrance. I was delighted that one was in the box as it smells ever so dreamy and the after smell is delicious.

CALVIN KLEIN CK ONE SHOCK – Not one I’d usually go for, it’s not horrible, if someone sprayed it around me I wouldn’t be like ewww what’s that smell. It’s nice but it’s very sweet-smelling.

TOMMY HILFIGER TOMMY GIRL – This is my least favourite out of the box, it smells really off and I can definitely smell Jasmine in the perfume which isn’t a smell I’m particularly keen on.


Is it worth the money, for me, at £5 pound a pop (£15 in total), I think it’s very expensive for what you get. The bottles are quite small but they do say in total you would get about 120 sprays out of it, which is quite impressive really (30 days worth if you do 4 sprays a day). I would be more inclined to buy it if I could choose the fragrances myself or at least if they had an online profile of questions finding out what kind of fragrances you enjoy etc. I think if they put more luxurious brands in there I think it would definitely be worth it. It’s also a slight risk on whether or not you’d like the fragrance but if you like surprises and you’re a perfume/aftershave fanatic then this is a great subscription for you.


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