Premium makeup brands can scare people as there are SO many products out there and unless you talk to an advisor which sometimes you just don’t have time/just prefer shopping alone then this can be quite daunting. There are so many shades, so many types of each product and it gets SO confusing especially if you have no idea about makeup. From working with the brand for many years I have tried and tested all of their products so I am composing this post to help you. I will pop the link directing you to the product on Look fantastic’s website because they have free next day delivery and they always do discounts at the top so you can save money on your products! I will also tell you any tips and tricks and my honest opinion of the products.




I am not a lover of mascara because I use fake lashes but this mascara is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried. This mascara is good for people who have small eyes, small lashes & straight lashes in particular because the brush is small enough to fit smaller eyes. The brush also has a straight edge to be able to do the bottom lashes without getting mascara all over your face. The product lasts forever and it doesn’t dry out either. I also love that my lashes really soft once the mascara is on so you can reapply if needed!

2. HOOLA BRONZER – £23.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 14.38.57.png


Hoola bronzer is my favourite bronzer ever! If you want to look sun-kissed then this is the one for you as it contains no red or orange pigments in it which gives you a really natural looking tan rather than looking patchy and orange. The colour is buildable so although its quite dark looking, layer it on for effect, you can also use it all over the face to warm up your foundation and to then build up on the contoured areas such as cheek bones etc. It also contains no shimmer or glitter which is perfect for contouring as it creates realistic looking shadows on the face!


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 13.20.05.png

Perfect for those who want a tiny bit of blush, it’s so natural and light so if you’re not a makeup wearer or you wear your makeup quite natural then this is great for you. When I do makeovers for younger girls this product is my go-to as it compliments their skin without looking OTT.



This is a champagne coloured highlighting stick. I mainly use it for under the brow bone as it’s a really natural highlight which suits warmer skin tones. Little tip, do not put over powder as it will quite frankly wipe off your makeup, I learnt the hard way guys! If you’re going to use it on the cheeks personally I would use it on top of foundation, as cream and cream can blend in together better. It also has a smudger at the bottom for blending, personally I don’t use this but it’s there if needed.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 13.31.13.png

Want to know how to get that dewy glow? This is radiance in a bottle! This was my first favourite liquid highlighter. The colour is SO pearly and pigmented which is perfect for those who want that obvious highlight look. My advice is to mix it in with either your foundation or your primer/moisturiser to give you that all over glow. You can then layer it on your cheekbones for that extra touch and definitely underneath your brow bone as it catches the light beautifully. It’s easily blendable and really lifts the brow bone, giving you the illusion of botox!

6. BOI-ING LIGHT 01 – £17.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 13.41.03.png

FAVE! These concealers literally conceal life. I actually use this to prime my eyelids as the texture is really creamy and the eyeshadows seem to stick to it, it also covers up any veins or redness around the eye area. Personally I find it quite drying under the eye area so I tend to only use it to conceal redness or spots – it’s literally industrial strength so your spots will vanish! In choosing colour if it’s for your spots, blemishes choose a colour the same as you would choose your foundation as  you want it to blend in with it, if it’s for the eyelid go one shade darker.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 13.46.50.png

This eyeshadow kit was the first kit that actually made me try eyeshadow. Until this kit was shown to me I had NEVER worn eyeshadow before. I absolutely love the three shades in the palette however, the pink one seems to go first which is sad because you’re then only left with the other two shades. The other two shades make the PERFECT smokey eye which is really warm and suits most skin tones. The brown shade is actually a powdered liner so it looks so nice along the lash line and underneath the eyes. I actually use it as eyeshadow and swipe it all over my lid to create a really dark smouldery look. Again the kit contains Boi ing concealer in shade 02 which is perfect to over blemishes. They should definitely bring out the shades separately so you can make the most of the kit as it’s quite a big kit when you’re only using 2 shadows.

8. THAT GAL PRIMER – £24.50


Probably my second favourite primer mainly because I love the smell but it really brightens up your complexion and makes a very smooth base to put your foundation on top of. It is actually a best seller and I can see why. You could get away with wearing this alone if you’re a gym go-er as even though it’s not a foundation it kind of blurs your pores and makes your complexion look super clear!



I mean I love the idea behind this but to me it’s not quite as sharp as I would like. I’m stressed that you can’t sharpen it for a straighter more precise look but the product colour itself is really nice. It’s buildable so you can alternate the pressure depending on the look you’re going for. It also has a brow brush on the other end so you can brush through your brows and create the ombre brow look.

10. FAKE UP CONCEALER – £18.50


If you have a dry under eye area then this concealer is perfect for you. This concealer has a hydrating balm around the outside area so not only will it conceal your imperfections it will hydrate the area too so your eyes won’t look crusty and dry. It also has light reflecting agents which can double up as a highlighter on top of foundation! If you’re unsure what colour to go, if it’s for under eye area go one shade lighter than your foundation to really brighten up the eyes, if you choose a darker one your eyes can appear to look even darker which is not the look we want!


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 14.58.54.png

This has a creamy formula, it’s jet black and it’s super easy to use. It’s completely waterproof so it will lock itself on your waterline and stay and it also had a smudger at the other end if you like the smudgey liner/smokey eye look!



I always fleet between eyebrow products but always end up with this brow and wax kit. It has a wax and a powder so you can customise the look according to your makeup style. For example in the day time I use the lighter powder on its own and on a night out I create a darker and defined look by the wax and powder combined. It also contains mini tweezers, and two brushes which are perfect for application. The product stays on all day and doesn’t need to be retouched which is a bonus as no one wants smudgey brows! It’s also the most natural looking brow product for those who have either no hair, a poor shape or gaps in the brows, it’s so clever!


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.11.49.png

If you’re not a fan of looking all shiny and dewy then this product is for you! You will still get the appearance and look of a highlighter except this one is completely matte. You can still apply this product in the same areas just it’s a matte version of high beam. Personally I use it all under the eye area on top of my concealer to just double up on the highlighter.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.19.59.png

Honestly the best eye makeup remover I have come across. Do not use it all over your face to take off your makeup as it’s quite oily. This product is amazing because not only does it remove stubborn eye makeup it’s a balm like formula which soothes sensitive eyes which doesn’t drag or feel burny!



Even though this is worldwides number 1 mascara, I just don’t get on with it at all. I know I’m not a mascara lover but it does work on other people who I have seen it on, it’s just quite a bold, dramatic look and I’m not keen on the way it makes my lashes feel really hard. The brush however is really clever, you can actually hold it vertically towards you eye to drag and lift the lashes from the root to tip which is clever.

16. GIMME BROW – £18.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.34.01.png

People went absolutely mental when this product came out and quite rightly so! It’s more suited to people with hair as it creates fibres onto your natural hair creating a more fuller, more natural looking brow. It’s great for filling in gappy eyebrows and to hold your brows in place, for people like me with hardly any hair, the look isn’t as defined as Brow zings would be so I tend to only use it on top to secure the brows in place. The product is buildable and water-resistant so again don’t be panicked if you’re working out/in the spa as your eyebrows won’t just smudge off!

17. KA BROW – £18.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.37.54.png

Best thing about Benefits products are the eyebrow brushes!!! This eyebrow brush is life! You can create any type of brow and even hold the brush on its side to fill in the front of your brow – its small enough to fit the width of your brow so it creates natural looking shapes that aren’t too huge! This product is really similar to the Anastazia Beverly hills dip brow pomade, it’s like a pot of cream-gel brow product which is buildable and lasts 24hours. Make sure you put it’s lid on after use as it can become quite dry!

18. POSIE BALM – £14.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.42.03.png

For those of you who don’t like wearing lip gloss or lipsticks, this is the perfect product for you, it’s a really hydrating lip balm with a slight tint of colour. So you can still have a product that is nourishing for your lips which enhances their natural shade. The product won’t make your lips dry and chapped which is a bonus because you still get a hint of colour! FAB!

19. DEW THE HOOLA – £22.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.45.22.png


20. ZERO TAN LINES – £19.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.52.13.png

Being a tan worshiper, I have tried so many and this I personally wouldn’t purchase myself. I would use it if all my favourites had run out but personally, the colour just isn’t intense enough for me. This is definitely for those who are quite fair who would like just a touch of colour. It’s not sticky, it drys instantly, and yes, you will not have any tan lines or uneven patches. The sponge at the bottom of the bottle really is amazing and I sometimes use it for my other tans as its blends the product into your skin evenly creating no lines. It’s a very natural colour and it states its transfer resistant (meaning it won’t come off on your clothes whilst drying), this is in-fact true as I applied it and then put a white t-shirt on top to test this out – no product residue came off!


Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.54.11.png

For me personally, this is probably the worst product Benefit has ever brought out. I am actually quite shocked it’s still in stock. I used this mask, the gimmicky part of the mask is the most exciting part of it – you have to click a pouch and then the product gets released into the mask and then you can apply it – but the mask itself is pointless in my opinion. I tried the mask on, it didn’t feel relaxing, in fact it didn’t really seem to do much. And I certainly feel for £24.50 it’s completely unjustifiable. It does state you use the mask afterwards on the reverse side to exfoliate your face but even that doesn’t seem to do much. It’s a no from me.  But I would love to know if any of you have had a different outcome, please let me know your thoughts as it just really didn’t work for me.

22. SUGARBOMB GLOSS – £14.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.59.41.png

I love this gloss, it’s super silky and soft which doesn’t have a sticky formula which is the main selling point to the product. It’s a really natural colour and goes on the top of any lip gloss/lipstick because of its natural looking pigment – it does contain a slight sparkle to it which is perfect for those who want a girly look without going OTT. It also smells delicious!

23. AIR-PATROL – £21.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 14.02.58.png

This was one of my most favourite products when it was released. It’s an eyeshadow primer that truly works and blends in so easily without looking dry and crusty. You can use on your eyelid alone if you want to just correct the redness, veins or any discolouration or use it as an eyeshadow primer; prolonging the wear of your eye makeup and rehydrating your eye area. It also has an SPF 20 which is designed to protect your eyelids against environmental aggressors (the sun, smoke and pollution). The only fault I can say to this product is it gets really messy, the sponge tip ends up with product all over it and although the product is retractable it kind of just looks a mess once being used. Apart from that, it’s absolutely amazing!

24. THE LIPSTICKS – £14.50

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 14.10.46.png

To be honest, unless they redesign the look of their lipsticks then I simply just can’t use them. The products themselves just don’t look sleek and professional, they look quite kiddy like and the product gets everywhere when trying to put the lids back on. The colours are nice and they are super hydrating for your lips which has the downside to having to be re-applied once worn off.



If you’re going to invest in any brow brush, invest in this one. You may think it’s quite pricey for a brush, but this brush will last you forever and keep it’s perfect condition. I use mine every single day, and wash my brush and I’ve had it for 3 years now and it looks totally brand new. As I stated above, the brush can fit the width of your brow so you can create your front shapes as well as being so thin that you can create the end of your brow too making them look really sharp and defined.

All of what I have written is totally come from me and I was not sponspored to do this post, I have worked with the brand many years so these are my honest opinions from using the products on myself/others. If you need any further assistance on products and would like me to write about any more then please email me danielle-photo@hotmail.co.uk.

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