My makeup bag needed a bit of a top up and after hearing that MAC do 90 minute makeup lessons of course it was a sign that I had to book one. I am not entirely sure what I’m expecting, I just hope I learn something to take away to practice on my friends. You pay £50 for the lesson and that’s redeemable against products at the end. Obviously I lose lip liners for fun on nights out so SOAR lip liner I am excited to be reunited with you again!


What I’m hoping to learn from this lesson is;

  1. How to perfect my brows, I have a tattoo top up in a month so until then I need some desperate help on how to draw them on, I’m extremely unlucky when it comes to the brow department so drawing them on is my only option.
  2. I always feel too pale when I’ve done my makeup, I’m unsure whether it’s the foundation shade or the way I’m using my bronzer but it’s something that really is stressing me out so I’d like to know how to make my face appear warmer
  3. I want to know how to make a BRIGHT WHITE under eye area, I do not want skin toned concealer, I want it white and bright and no bag in sight
  4. The application of my bronzer, blusher, highlighter; at the moment my face looks like a neopolitan ice cream which although ice cream is great, I do not want to look like it

What happened first..

So I arrived at my appointment and was sat down on a little makeup station facing the mirror with huge bright lights around me. I was then asked about what I wanted to learn on this lesson, I stated the above! I was then asked to take off my makeup, I thought I would be scared of this part but the bright lights could make anyone look buff so I didn’t feel conscious. After explaining what I wanted, Lucy went and found the products she was going to use on me.


How does it work?

So for example Lucy would do my right brow and talk me through it and then I would do the left brow, that way you get a chance to practice what you’ve learnt step by step. This way you don’t forget what she’s told you and you can ask her any questions as you go.


What I asked for..

I said I wanted a bright under eye, a little bit of contour and whatever she wanted to do with my eyes; my eyes I’m confident with so I just wanted a little inspiration for future make up looks. She chose some warm brown tones and tried a brown eye liner as it’s something different from the usual black.


What part of the makeover did you love?

 I was excited that Soar was in stock, excited to reunite with my baby but because I have worn Soar for the past two years, I asked if she could recommend something else, she chose Whirl which is slightly darker than Soar and more of a natural colour. She then asked what lipstick I wanted and I told her I usually swipe Soar all over and use a gloss on top because lipsticks can be quite drying, she recommended a really hydrating lipstick, Modesty, which felt super moisturising and blended in with the lip liner nicely. I loved the lips although it’s definitely a day look.

What part of the makeover did you hate?

Although this highlighter is everyone’s favourite, Soft & Gentle, I didn’t really like it, I’ve used it on clients before and they absolutely swear by it but I have never tried it on myself, I personally didn’t like as I found that it just sat on top of the skin and didn’t have that smoothing look which I love.

Were the products easy to use?

Yeah, to be honest, they were really easy, I do definitely recommend the brushes though, I think if you invest in good brushes they pick up the right amount of product so it’s less work for you. The gel eyeliner was so easy to use as well, anyone could use it.


How much did it cost?

So for the lesson it’s £50 and that’s redeemable against products, I wanted quite a lot, but my bessie had ago at me because she gets 40% off M.A.C. so she insisted for me only to buy up to £50’s worth.

What did you buy?

– Whirl lip liner £13.00
– Mineralise foundation in extra light £26.00
– Soft Ocure paint pot £16.00

Do you recommend?

If you need some new M.A.C makeup then definitely do a lesson because why not? You could buy the products without the lesson or buy the products and get the lesson for free.. you’re not losing out on anything and you might learn something new.

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